Traditional or Non-Traditional colors for the Holidays? The choice is yours!! October 14, 2017 00:44 1 Comment

This season in childrens wear we are seeing for the first time the emergance of new colorations for the holiday season!!  Traditionally colors for Halloween have emphasized orange, Thanksgiving, brown and Christmas of course red and green.  Well #teamcache, the 2017 seson is breaking all the rules..

For Halloween 2017,  we see the use of different shades of purprle from fushia to lilac. In my opionion these looks fabulous.  The mix of these  colors against the traditional black makes an outfit pop.  These designs look fresh, and give a new twist for a holiday that is all about "fun"

Thanksgiving there are two disitinct colorways that are trending. First the use of brown as an accent color.  Burgundys, purples,  and burnt orange dominant and are mixed with shades of brown and tan.  Secondly, the use of gold and tan as the base color accented by darker colors.  These new twists make Thanksgiving outfits look the best and brightest in years.

Holiday with emphasis on Chirstmas we see the greatest change ever!!  While traditional colorations of green and red against white or cream always are a staple, there are new colors that pushing their way into the mainstream.  Mostly notiabily in this group is PINK !! Pinks is coupled with shades of gold, silver, green, with pops of shades of red and the new basic gray. Gray couple with cream and shades of burgundy red look fresh and new and are not a great departure from the traditional red and green.  However, the introduction of PINK as a dominating coloration is truly NEW.  Mud Pie does this best with many of their legging sets and mix and match pieces allowing you to create a look all your own.  The new mix and match trend is foter for the next blog!! Whatever you choose as your favorite dont be afraid to go out of the box this season.  

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