The demise of the tutu? Or is it stronger then ever? August 24, 2017 23:40

Tutu's bring to mind everything girly..I still want to wear a tutu...However everything in fashion has a cycle and the tutu is no exception.  For the past several years in girls wear the tutu has reigned supreme.. The bigger the better..however recently we have seen a softening of the tutu..For Fall  2017 we see the re-emergence of the tutu but in a newer, cleaner, more sophisticated version of the tutu.. In my opinion a better more wearable silhouette..

As I have stated I love tutu's so this new look brings joy to my heart!!  Tutu's are softer, found not only in a traditional skirt silhouette but as accents in legging,  They look great is so many ways;  attached to legging, shorts, skirts and even tops.

Tutt's are alive and well!!  They are must have for all little girls..the envy of all moms and grandmothers..

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